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Centre for alternative assessment and learning support »
Learning support and alternative assessment methods available at JKS

Learning support:

Learners who need extra support with their studying or with certain assessment tasks/curriculum activities are identified by educators and are then sent for individual tuition according to the specific need.

A learning support committee consisting of psychologists, therapists and educators gather on a regular basis to identify and place learners for learning support with the appropriate person, who can be a class aid, occupational therapist, speech and language therapist, or alternative assessment expert, depending on the learner’s needs.

Audio learning

Some learners struggle with reading and function better when their work is presented in auditory format.  For these learners all learning material and question papers are read using a computer and storing the notes in a sound file.  These are then transferred to a device (e.g. MP3) that the learner can listen to while studying.  Examination papers for the final external Grade 12 examination are also presented in auditory format.


Learners who have serious difficulty with writing are placed with trained scribes who take down their oral answers verbatim.  This method is used during normal school hours for all assessment tasks as well as during examinations (including the final Grade 12 examination.)

Learning Access Suite

This is a computer-based program with, amongst others, a speech recognition component and a screen reader.  Learners who will benefit from this software are trained in using these to assist them with reading and writing difficulties.  Work can be dictated through a microphone whilst the computer types it out.  Learning material is scanned into the computer and then read with the help of the screen reader software.  This software is unfortunately only available in English and learners need to be trained to use the programs.  This, however, is a lifelong skill and will benefit learners with reading and writing difficulties throughout their personal and working lives.

Structure Aid

Learners with serious ADHD often struggle to organise their surroundings, especially during stressful episodes like examinations.  These learners write in a specially allocated room in smaller groups under supervision of an invigilator who also assists them with structuring problems, e.g. organization of question papers and answer sheets.


Christa Kotzé, Christine van der Merwe or Bernice Venter
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